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  • Justin Morgan "Figure"
  • Jan 02, 1789 - Jan 01, 1821  Bay  Morgan
  • Researching Sire X Researching Dam

Figure was the founding stallion of the Morgan breed of horses and is the horse to which all Morgans are related. He was foaled in 1789 and a few years later became the property of Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan was a teacher, composer, businessman and horseman who lived in Randolph, Vermont

As Figure grew his compact, muscular body and stylish way of moving impressed many of the pioneer farmers and settlers. Soon tales of his strength, speed, endurance and ability to produce sons and daughters bearing his likeness spread amidst the small New England towns. His stud services were offered throughout the Connecticut River Valley and in the course of his 32 years he became known as “The Justin Morgan Horse”.


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