NVS Midas

Color: buck

Bred by NVS Morgans

AMHA# 142450. Foaled 6/24/1997 in Lincoln, CA.
Grand National Champion 2006. USEF National Res. Champion 2006. USEF Regional Champion 2006. Golden West Region VII Champion 2005 & 2006. Region Champion in Trail & Reining 2006.
Registered Morgan Progeny: 12 colts and 9 fillies.

Go Hawk

Color: blk
Height: 15.3

AMHA #7457

Black, no markings, 15.3h, 1100 lbs. Foaled 6/5/1923, Dixon, Iowa. Breeder: Henry Schlotfeldt. Registered Morgan progeny: 5 colts, 19 fillies. Mostly traces to Sherman Black Hawk 51, a good son of Vt Black Hawk 20. (Good stock with speed and trotters with records.) From an old-fashioned fast trotting strain of Morgans-good cross on Jubilee King Mares–H.B. Greenwalt. Unfortunately, Go Hawk sired no more registered Morgans after he was sold to a wealthy party in Connecticut at the age of six. Nevertheless, he sired many good mares who bred on. However, if his son Flyhawk had been his only offspring, Go Hawk would have been long and gratefully remembered. Flyhawk simply stands as one of the great sires in the history of the Morgan breed.


color: ch
Height: 16.0

AMHA #7475

AMHA #7475. Chestnut, snip, rh ankle white, 16h, 1300 lbs. Foaled 6/10/1925, Hartford, CT. Bred by AG Hinckley Stood at US Remount Station, Ft. Keogh, Miles City, MT, 1929-1935. Transferred to the US Forest Service, 1936. Progeny: 38 colts, 45 fillies.

Linsley Romanesque

Color: ch

AMHA #8264

Chestnut, bh coronets white. Foaled 5/25/1939, Halstead, KS. Bred by Elmer Brown


Color: ch
Height: 15.2

AMHA #8056

Brilliant copper chestnut, blaze, bh socks white, 15.2h, 1100 lbs. Foaled 4/26/1936, San Simeon, CA. Bred by WR Hearst. Progeny: 32 colts, 30 fillies. Owned by Warren Halliday. Featured on January 1944 cover of Western Livestock Journal. Beautiful easy gaits, wonderful disposition, outstanding stallion, true Justin Morgan type. Ideal stock horse, style, stamina and speed. Undefeated at fairs and shows. A very important sire in the WWF Family. 3/4 Sellman lines; Pongee Morgan was Brunk bred.

Red Gates

Color: dk ch

Br. by EW Roberts.

Dark chestnut, small star, bh fetlocks white. Foaled 5/27/1944, Los Angeles, CA. Registered Morgan progeny: 15 colts, 8 fillies. Used on trail ride at 20 yrs of age 1964, owned by Drew Reed, Northridge, CA.

Wears Play Boy

Color: br
Height: 14.3

AMHA #12866

Seal brown, hind ankles white. Foaled 1960, Orange, CA.

US Menmar

Color: b

Breeder: U. S. Morgan Horse Farm

Bay, bh socks white. Foaled: 04-30-1950, Middlebury, VT. Died December 2, 1975, California. Grand Champion Stallion, 1956 Eastern Nationals. A very nice horse. Registered Morgan progeny: 49 colts, 30 fillies.

King Bob

Color: pal

AMHA #11787

Dark palomino, small star, snip, bh pasterns white. Foaled 5/10/1956, Worland, WY. Bred by LU Sheep Co.