W.T. Carter influence on Richwood Morgans

My earliest memory of Mr. Carter was traveling from Ramona, Ca to Sanger, Ca in the early 60’s my mom would pack the us up in the car with horse trailer in tow. We would leave at night so that we would sleep & not bug her. I remember waking up going over the grapevine back then it was a two lane road long, step & winding it seem to take forever it get over it.

My parents leased Farceur Morgan (Kings River Morgan x Royce’s Falcon) & a band of mares from Mr. Carter he had so many beautiful Morgans.

Mr Carter was a purest when it came to breeding he did his research keeping the lines as close to Justin Morgan as possible. My mom & he talked & wrote about the bloodlines to keep the Traditional Family Morgans going that was the goal. I have Mr. Carter volume 5 of the breeders book with all of his notes. I would love to think he would be proud of what my mom & I accomplished; A Midnight Special & Farceurs Falcon Morgan is the combination of his breeding with Ramona Brave ( Otto McClure x Jean Mary) bred by E.W Roberts. My mom had told me that Mr. Carter didn’t like something in Brave’s Pedigree she just wasn’t sure what it was. All I know is that the cross of Farceur Morgan & Ramona Brave produced the Morgans I have today & love very much!

He also raised Shetland ponies we had two, Linda May my brother Tom’s pony & Tina May my pony. Tina was 32 inches tall I would sneak her into my room when it was storming my brother & I rode them all over Ramona it was all fun that two kids could possible have.

I am very grateful for the partnership he had with my parents they are the Morgans I have today, the decades of fun & the people I have met over the years. W. T Carter was an extraordinary man.

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